Cleanup & Cleanout

Wall to Wall Stuff

Oh what a painful exercise! Cleaning out even just one bay in the garage where the printshop will be situated. We moved rather suddenly about 10 years ago. And since, we have made at least three, no four moves in Calgary. There are boxes that I have not opened in more than 10 years. It’s like Christmas sometimes, and I cringe other times. A lot of it is destined for recycling and the garbage. There is soo much good stuff…

I plan to build a wall on the left to separate the space, and to be able to heat it in the winter. Not looking forward to -25 C weather right now. I have given myself a month to have the space ready. But in between there is a wedding at the Coast and a bike trip and some out of town work commitments.
Really there are not too many days left, and the press is coming!

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