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Paint Disaster

I did a bunch of looking at the paint options before committing to the Tremclad paint, but it is obvious to me now: I did not do enough! The paint is trouble, I can’t believe people have used it to paint cars? Last weekend I was starting to work on the front of the press. I had stripped off the main gear cover and the throw-off lever and linkage, and painted those black. Now I changed to the dark blue again for the frame, and just above the main shaft in front.
There was some old greasy dirt there and I dipped a rag in gasoline to clean the crevices and general area. Vigorously rubbing and pulling the rag through some tight spots, gasoline dripped down over some of the previously painted area. I could not believe my eyes, the paint (more than a month old) wrinkled and bubbled and could be just wiped off! What a mess, now what? I am sure glad I did not paint the press for looks! Having to be that careful not to get any solvent on the frame, when cleaning up the press after every job, is just not going to happen.
I’m having to get used to the idea to remove the paint and start over…

Ready to pull off the trailer

Ready to pull off the trailer

Here is a picture I just found from the day  after I got the press home. Good thing the neighbor had a strong tree there to anchor the come-along.

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