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Drip Pan

Once I got the press up onto the cross-beams I got to thinking about the cleaning up and oil and ink that will drip down as time goes on. So I thought about a drip tray to catch all that stuff rather than letting it pile up on the rather rough wood beams which will just make a mess. I saw a real nice drip tray under a Heidelberg Windmill press in Vancouver. It was made of galvanized sheet metal and the edges were formed (rolled) around a rod about 3/8″ diameter, and that was the edge. I visited several sheet metal shops but did not find one where I could get that done. So I started talking about options – well you know it turned out to be only $60 more to have the drip tray done in stainless steel. The shop guy I talked to came up with a couple of real nice contributions: Because of going to stainless we could drop from 16 gauge to 18 gauge with roughly equal strength – but now the edge is quite sharp. So he suggested a folded edge, and then to improve the looks and make it easier for cleanup, the edge will be bent to 60 degrees only (not 90 degrees as would be normal). I will have to wait for a few more weeks before I see to result (and so will you).

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