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More Rust, Dust & Gunk Removal

Rusted Main Shaft

For a few days It’s been very cold. Since the press is still out in the driveway I haven’t got much done. Today was a good day. Worked most of the day on the press, removed the saddle stud & rods and the gripper bar. Noticed a difference between the double saddle stud and the single one. The double saddle stud springs are shorter than the single saddle springs. I wonder if that is because the single saddles were not used on the press (by the previous owner), thus never got compressed or cycled? Or is there a technical reason for it? Tomorrow I will measure and document the springs. Made good use of degreaser and cleaners today. The platen cleaned up real nice with the rust remover.

Made a decision on the oil holes today. While I have things apart anyway I will re-drill the top part of the oil holes and get oil hole covers to try to keep these locations from accumulating dirt, and make them more obvious for long term maintenance.

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Rust Removal

Many many years ago as a first year Electro-Mechanical Engineering apprentice I cleaned a lot of machine parts. And before embracing this endeavor I looked at some old presses, read a lot about the methods other people use. And then I went out to the local industrial supply store and got some emery cloth, scotch-bright pads and wire-brush. And then I met reality! The unmovable hulk of rust. A couple of hours every night, I promised myself. You can believe me, its quite satisfying to climb into bed with sore arms, sore hands and sore fingers – leaving behind another small reclaimed spot on the press. At this rate I hate to even project how long it might take. Long!

I’ve read about a shop that undertook a recovery and rebuild of a press very similar to my model, also a C&P 12″x18″. You can read about it here. They really did some detective work on the surface treatment and paint. Their final result looks like a piece of art. My primary motivation is to make the press productive, create art with it – but not make it into a work of art. My paint job will be more utilitarian, but with some appropriate highlights. We’ll see if I can do justice to it before I say too much.

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