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When do you stop?

Chase Clamp Spring

Chase Clamp Spring

It has been cold, and the progress of getting the place for the press cleaned out is slow. But there was a good day a few days ago and as I looked over the back side of the press I felt that some good cleaning would be all that’s required. After all, what could be wrong with the simple spring with the attachment to the chase clamp and handle? And with all that grease and dirt on it, it would just jump like crazy when I got it off – and who knows what a pain it would be to get the spring back on after.
But then some sort of a guilt mechanism clicked in place and I removed the spring attachment to the handle, and then the handle hinge bolt. Sure enough, the spring jumped around just to prove me right. After cleaning up the spring though, here is what it looked like:

I’m sure glad I took it apart, it’s worn almost half through! When that spring lets go, the chase is loose in the press – and that would make a mess! There is a lesson in that.

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Saddle Post Spring Detail

Saddle Springs

Turns out there are two different springs. one. the shorter one for the double saddle post & rod:
Length 31″, 190 turns of 0.079″ diameter spring material, wound to 0.465″ inside diameter (0.620″ outside diameter).
The longer spring is for the single saddle post & rod:
Length 34″, 196 turns of 0.070″ diameter spring material, wound to 0.467 inside diameter (0.608″ outside diameter).

To be able to get the spring off the rod you need to be able to compress the spring a bit while removing the cotter pin at the end. I found a pice of 1/2″ PEX pipe (for residential water pipe use) handy as it has just the right inside diameter and enough wall thickness to push in the spring. Once you get the pin out and release the pressure on the spring, be ready to have the spring jump right into your face. When you do this, wear a set of leather work gloves to contain the spring force, letting them go more slowly.
Saddle Spring EndsNotice that on one end the springs have a little straight tail, that is the end near the saddle post (keeps the spring from turning).

It’ll be fun  getting the springs back on…

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