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When do you stop?

Chase Clamp Spring

Chase Clamp Spring

It has been cold, and the progress of getting the place for the press cleaned out is slow. But there was a good day a few days ago and as I looked over the back side of the press I felt that some good cleaning would be all that’s required. After all, what could be wrong with the simple spring with the attachment to the chase clamp and handle? And with all that grease and dirt on it, it would just jump like crazy when I got it off – and who knows what a pain it would be to get the spring back on after.
But then some sort of a guilt mechanism clicked in place and I removed the spring attachment to the handle, and then the handle hinge bolt. Sure enough, the spring jumped around just to prove me right. After cleaning up the spring though, here is what it looked like:

I’m sure glad I took it apart, it’s worn almost half through! When that spring lets go, the chase is loose in the press – and that would make a mess! There is a lesson in that.

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