The Press

My press is the larger of the C&P Letterpress versions (a 12″ by 18″ model). It was patented in 1876 and is a nearly 3000 pound well oiled assembly of state of the art steam-engine area technology. My particular press was built in 1926 and purchased by a printer operating on Bainbridge Island (near Seattle) as his “large press”. It was in storage from 1981 until mid year 2010 when I purchased it. It was a bit of an adventure getting it moved to Calgary, and there have been many hours spent cleaning, rust removal, reconditioning and polishing journals, machining parts and re-sleeving worn components.

Press Moving Off Trailer

Press Moving Off Trailer

Here she is, in her original condition, just on the way off the trailer. A while back I named her Olivia.


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