Introducing Olivia

C&P Letterpress

Letterpress Under Wraps

Here she is, my other love under wraps (from shortly after moving her home). I’ve been getting more intimate with her the past year, figuring out what makes her tick:

But recently I’ve had a bit of a setback with her, and I don’t want to show her until I get some problems solved. But she is real, she is tough and I’m working to make her the best she has ever been.

The paint disaster has taken another twist. Getting ready to rent the pressure/steam washer I started a few days before to see what it would take to get the paint off. Starting to spray gasoline and rubbing, waiting, rubbing again – then spraying gasoline again. Nothing! The paint would not soften, would not wrinkle, would not come off. So now I am puzzled. Just a few weeks ago during an accidental  gasoline drip the paint came off with hardly touching it – and now it is solid! The only way I can explain it – it must be due to the passage of more time. If you have any ideas – let me know. For now, onward toward finishing the job!

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